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AWAYR - Advanced without Air

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AWAYR is the most advanced perfusion device available on the market,
Featuring a wealth of innovative solutions to the benefit of patients, surgeons and hospitals.
AWAYR represents an advancement in hybrid engineered biomaterials science:
permits to prepare an ideal graft that mimics autologous bone tissue and helps to improve the surgical and clinical outcome.
AWAYR® homogeneously perfuses several types of porous tissue substitutes 
(e.g., osseous, cartilaginous, osteo-chondral, tendinous, ligamental, etc.) with biological fluids (e.g., bone marrow, bone marrow concentrate, whole blood, platelet-rich plasma) or physiological solutions with no cell components (e.g. saline solutions, antibiotic solutions, etc.) for use in orthopedics, neurosurgery, general surgery, plastic and oral-maxillofacial surgery.
Discover all the details and download the Awayr multimedia contents visiting the website:
represents the ultimate saturation solution applicable to most 3D scaffolds. Through its proprietary technology, AWAYR® generates a low pressure drawing the air in the materials out by suitable vacuum, and eliminates any surface tension produced by the air/fluid interface. This enhances optimal and omogeneous cell distribution and infiltration onto porous biomaterials.
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Perfusion device AWAYR - size 30 cc
In all the cases of regenerative surgeries in which porous biomaterials are applied. For examples:
Oral-Maxillofacial surgery: 
GBR with large granules.
le-Fort surgeries when the graft is applied as spacer
Orthopedics – Neurosurgery:
Cavity defects;
Peri-prosthetic defects;
Fusions and arthrodesis;


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