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Effective solutions for regenerative surgery

Advanced biotechnological processes
Bioteck applies highly sophisticated biotechnological processes to treat animal tissues and manufacture advanced solutions for regenerative surgery. Thanks to these processes some important biological and mechanical features of the origin tissues are totally preserved.

Enzymatic deantigenation
It’s the core of the bone substitute manufacturing process. It implies the use of specific lytic enzymes that, working at 37 C,  allow to preserve the mechanical resistance and the collagen component of natural bone.

A sophisticated chemical-physical process
is at the base of pericardium membranes manufacturing. It is devised to preserve completely the elastic resistance of pericardium.

Elaborated procedures
to treat collagen from Achilles’ tendon allow getting collagen derivatives, such as membranes, gels and other devices that fully exploit the properties of this protein.

Bioteck advanced processes
create a wide range of products that represent effective and safe solutions both for surgeons and patients.


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