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Esec Fascia DENTALE 2013 02 08

Dental Surgery

The traditional line
 Esec LogoOX   The Bioteck advanced surgical line for the most demanding surgeon. The OX line features bone collagen preserved, creating the best biological conditions for bone regeneration. A wide range of protective membranes featuring different resorption times widens the applicative surgical possibilities.
   The traditional bone substitutes and membrane line, proposed to the oral surgeon since 1995. These bone substitutes represent the standard in regenerative surgery.
The long lasting natural line   The synthetic line
logo calcitos bassa  

Calcitos is an equine space-keeping bone substitute. It may be successfully used whenever a long-lasting bone augmentation is desired.
Therefore, it is indicated for all the application calling for volume stability over time.


3-Synt is a granular bone substitute made of beta-tricalcium phosphate (ß-TCP). ß-TCP is a calcium salt that belongs to the same chemical family as hydroxyapatite, the mineral component of bone. It is resorbed both through hydrolysis and by a cellular-mediated mechanism. Because of this, 3-Synt features the ideal resorbing time for the surgical applications it is indicated for.



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