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Heart pericardium membrane

Heart DM is a native equine collagen matrix
for the repair of dural defects.
The natural weave of collagen fibres
comprising the pericardium make Heart DM a soft membrane yet that is extremely hardwearing, easy to suture and impermeable to cerebrospinal liquid.
Contains no manufacturing residues or preservatives;
does not require washing before grafting.
Rehydrate for a few minutes before implant in a physiological solution
Impermeable to cerebrospinal fluid
Soft and flexible
but elastic and hardwearing.
Can be sutured or fixed using fibrin glue
Acts as a scaffold during the repair process
being completely remodelled in the patient's tissue.
Packaged in a surgical pack (double blister)
and sterilised using beta rays to further preserve its biological and biomechanical characteristics.
The HEART membranes
are obtained from natural pericardium by an exclusive Bioteck deantigenation process. This treatment is such that the tridimensional structure and the links between collagen fiber and elastin (the main pericardium components) are left untouched. This gives the membranes a long protection time and a mechanical resistance that allows them to be sutured without any risk of tearing. The presence of not-denatured collagen facilitates regeneration, making HEART membranes the ideal choice for a great number of applications.
 Heart final
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Pericardium membrane
25 X 30 x 0.2 mm
Pericardium membrane
50 X 50 x 0.2 mm
Pericardium membrane
60 X 80 x 0.2 mm
Pericardium membrane
80 X 140 x 0.2 mm
Pericardium membrane
120 X 160 x 0.2 mm
Strengthening or covering dural grafts

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