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Heart pericardium membrane

Heart pericardium membrane
is the new decellularised biological scaffold designed to reconstruct and strengthen soft tissues.
The Heart membrane is equine pericardium
carefully selected at collection and subsequently subjected to an exclusive Bioteck process that enables the removal of all potentially immunogenic elements, preserving the biological and biomechanical characteristics in full. 
Heart is also subjected to lyophilisation
that enables it to be stored for 5 years at room temperature. Finally, it is sterilised with β rays, thereby avoiding the use of ethylene oxide or γ rays, which would affect integrity and resistance.
The manufacturing process used helps obtain an entirely biocompatible graft
with the function of inert biological “scaffold” able to best support the tissue healing process, without causing any type of reaction in the surrounding tissues. Heart patch consists of a multi-directional layered weave of type I collagen fibres that give it excellent mechanical resistance and good elasticity in all directions.
Once grafted, it acts as a matrix for fibroblast infiltration
and as a substrate for the deposit of new collagen, thereby gradually degrading and being replaced by patient connective tissue.
The Heart membranes
are obtained from natural pericardium by an exclusive Bioteck deantigenation process. This treatment is such that the tridimensional structure and the links between collagen fiber and elastin (the main pericardium components) are left untouched. This gives the membranes a long protection time and a mechanical resistance that allows them to be sutured without any risk of tearing. The presence of not-denatured collagen facilitates regeneration, making Heart membranes the ideal choice for a great number of applications.
 Heart final
pulsantischedatecnica2 ING
Pericardium membrane
50 x 50 x 0.2  mm
Pericardium membrane
60 x 80 x 0.2 mm

Pericardium membrane
Ø 50 mm

Strengthening and augmentation of tendon and connective structures,
such as, for example :
rotator cuff, anterior capsule, ulnar collateral, triceps brachii, flexor tendons of the hand, quadricipital tendon, tendon of the knee, peroneal tendon, Achilles tendon, posterior tibial.


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