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Biocollagen Gel

BCG-GEL5 Syr ok
Biocollagen Gel
is Type I collagen from equine Achilles tendon, associated with powdered bone and packaged in ready-for-use syringes.
It is used as a carrier for Bioteck heterologous and/or autologous grafts
or of autologous cells or PRP or marrow concentrates. The high percentage of collagen ensures that it also has a haemostatic action, encouraging coagulation.
Bone pastes
Bioteck bone pastes are obtained from equine bone tissues. The exclusive Bioteck enzymatic deantigenation process is followed by the total demineralization of bone matrix through acid hydrolization of Calcium salts. This treatment exposes completely the collagen fibers, giving an osteopromoting demineralized bone matrix (DBM).
Moreover, bone collagen (here in its native conformation) acts as a co-activator of endogenous growth factors and as a substrate for cellular adhesion. These features create an optimal physiological and biological environment for bone regeneration.
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Biocollagen Gel - syr 2 cc
Biocollagen Gel - syr 5 cc
Biocollagen Gel - syr 10 cc


Recommended in association with patient blood and
grafts to increase its consistency
An excellent carrier of autologous cell concentrates
for the percutaneous treatment of pseudoarthrosis or in the event of osteonecrosis to the femoral head.

As a haemostatic or as a barrier to cover grafts


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