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Cancellous bone chips

Of all standard bone substitutes
morcellised cancellous bone is certainly the most used because whether alone or associated with other grafts and/or growth factors, it provides a good treatment for bone deficits in a wide range of situations.
Bioteck cancellous chips
are the ideal alternative to autologous or bank chips due to their high quality, unlimited availability and different formats, meaning that the material required is always on-hand, avoiding pointless waste and at a competitive price.
Bioteck fully deantigenated and lyophilised cancellous chips
(4 - 6 mm) are subject to complete remodelling in the patient’s bone in physiological time thanks to the process they undergo, which guarantees maximum safety and quality, without, however, altering the biological and bio-mechanical characteristics of the bone treated.
Bioteck cancellous chips
are available in formats of 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 and 90 cc in double sterile blister packs with a shelf life of 5 years at room temperature.

Bioteck bone grafts
manufactured by applying a proprietary enzymatic deantigenation process, they are an ideal biological scaffold for bone regeneration. Since they feature the main physical-chemical bone structure and important molecules as bone collagen preserved, they undergo complete remodeling in a physiological time.
Bioteck grafts are available in a large range of formats and quantities, offering an optimal solution to a great variety of clinical applications, avoiding at the same time wastage and additional costs.
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Cancellous Chips 4 - 6 mm - 5 cc
Cancellous Chips 4 - 6 mm - 10 cc
Cancellous Chips  4 - 6 mm - 20 cc
Cancellous Chips  4 - 6 mm - 30 cc
Cancellous Chips  4 - 6 mm - 50 cc
Cancellous Chips  4 - 6 mm - 90 cc
Cavity defects
Peri-prosthetic grafts
Fusions and arthrodesis

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