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The biomaterials most commonly used in Regenerative Medicine procedures, thanks to their excellent biological and bio-mechanical qualities. The presence of fully-preserved bone collagen and the unaltered mineral component makes these grafts the most suitable scaffold for use in the neo-osteogenesis process.
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Bone grafts Cancellous chips Cancellous morcellized chips
Cancellous block Cancellous bone block
Bio-Gen Putty Lyophilized bone paste
Cancellous dihedron Cancellous bone dihedron
Cancellous wedge Cancellous bone wedge (also for plaques)
Biocollagen fleece Collagen fleece derived from Achilles tendon
Cortical plate Cortical bone plate
Hemi-femoral head Equine femur’s hemi-head
Flexible grafts Flex acetabular-mat Flex acetabular mat
Flex cancellous sheet
Flex cancellous bone sheet
Flex cortical sheet Flex cortical bone sheet
Bone pastes Biocollagen Crunch Mouldable bone paste
Activagen injectable
Injectable equine DBM paste
Activagen mouldable
Mouldable equine DBM paste
Osteopromoter gel
Membranes Pericardium membrane
Equine pericardium membrane
Biocollagen membrane
Achilles tendon collagen membrane
MeRG Non friable, microfibrillar collagen membrane

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