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Why use heterologous bone?
Because if correctly treated (processed), heterologous bone is a valid alternative to autologous bone. Safe, inexpensive and available in infinite quantities, by contrast with human bone that is difficult to obtain.
Are these products safe?
Heterologous bone substitutes are safe, sterile, class III medical devices. Moreover, although no case of transmission has ever been recorded from heterologous bone, the potential risk is related to heterologous bone substitutes of swine and bovine origin, because no diseases are known as being transmittable from horse to man.
Why equine origin bone substitutes?
The horse is the safest animal for the production of bone substitutes because there are no known equine prion diseases that can be transmitted to man. Moreover, this animal is reared in fenced-in areas: this means that it maintains correct bone tropism. Equine origin bone substitutes therefore have excellent mechanical characteristics.
Why are your bone substitutes better than the others?
Because they are treated by an exclusive enzymatic deantigenation process carried out at 37 C, which removes all immunogenic components without altering the biological and biomechanical properties of the bone. Bioteck bone substitutes are the pure biological matrix of bone. The presence of native collagen also makes them a perfect scaffold for bone regeneration.
What do you feature in your catalogue?
Our catalogue includes products with different characteristics, available in various formats and divided up into different lines. Bio-Gen line bone substitutes are bone substitutes or natural derivation subjected to enzymatic deantigenation at 37 C. The Biocollagen membranes consist of natural collagen extracted from Achilles tendon and are ideal for guided bone regeneration. The Osteoplant line has bone substitutes obtained thanks to the Bioteck deantigenation system, also preserving bone collagen in native, unaltered form. This enables us to have a substitute that not only maintains its biological properties but also retains the mechanical properties, thereby proving to be an optimal scaffold structure for bone regeneration. Osteoplant grafts therefore represent an excellent three-dimensional environment for invasion, adhesion, cell proliferation and subsequent new matrix synthesis, until being completely substituted in physiological time by new patient vital bone. The Heart membrane is an equine origin pericardium membrane obtained thanks to a specific Bioteck production process. The close-knit three-dimensional mesh of collagen fibres comprising the pericardium makes this membrane a soft, elastic material, which at the same time is highly resistant, also providing cells invading it with an environment that is extremely favourable to regeneration. The high mechanical resistance and elasticity in all directions enable an excellent hold of suture for its fixing. All Bioteck products are fully biocompatible. The numerous formats available for our lines offer solutions for every need with practical, innovative, successful methods by which to obtain perfect bone regeneration.
Why are Bioteck products exclusive?
The exclusivity of Bioteck products lies in the exclusive deantigenation process with which they are obtained and which makes them perfectly biocompatible, preserving their biological and mechanical properties. Additionally, some products such as our Flex line (flexible bone substitutes), which are unique on the market, or the bone pastes (bone substitutes in paste form) are extremely easy to use, making them very popular with a great many surgeons.
How can the most important characteristics of Bioteck bone substitutes be best summed up?
They are safe and perfectly biocompatible. Thanks to the enzymatic treatment, the biological and mechanical properties are preserved. The natural structure of bone and type I collagen is not altered. Once implanted, they are subject to complete remodelling: they are entirely substituted by newly-formed bone tissue.

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